HiFiMAN HE-560 Planar Magnetic Over-the-Ear Headphones Review
HiFiMAN has released a brand new headphone design with the new HE-560. It shares very little in common with its predecessors; in fact, even the company logo is new design. It features a brand new planar magnetic driver that results in a refreshingly lightweight design. The HE-560 are, for my head, th
Hifiman Audio HM-802: The Retro DAP
Hifiman is manufacturing some of the better sounding headphones available today. As well as making headphones, IEMs, and amps, Hifiman also manufactures their own line of portable players. Besides their flagship player, the HM-901, The HM-802 is one of their top tier players situated directly under it. Anyone who has ever seen or handled a Hifiman player knows that the Hifiman is unique.
The smallest and the most comfortable in-ears I have ever tested!
The smallest and the most comfortable earphones I have ever tested!
Just do it: Toss your ear buds and get a decent headphone
The Audiophiliac reviews the Hifiman RE300, a new low price model from a high-end headphone-maker.
HiFiMAN HE-400i Planar Magnetic Over-the-Ear Headphones Review
HiFiMAN HE-400i Planar Magnetic Headphones Review Highlights The HiFiMAN HE-400i is the sequel to one of my favorite headphones, the HE-400. Dr. Fang Bian and his company HiFiMAN have taken the technical advances they put into the new, beautifully executed HE-560 and placed them in a more affordabl
About HiFiMAN
The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest was recently held in Denver Colorado, October 10-12 at the Marriott Denver Tech Center. RMAF has been one of the most successful high-end audio shows in North America and attracts many audiophiles both from the trade and public. Within RMAF, is Can Jam, the premier headphone and personal audio show. HIFIMAN was one of the early supporters of CanJam and his year had a prominent display with lots of traffic. On hand for HIFIMAN was Founder and CEO Dr. Fang Bian, Summer Yin, Peter Hoagland, Eric Ming and Briana Jeffords. Featured was the HE-560, HE-400i as well as the upcoming RE300 in-ear phone and EF100 amplifier.