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Important Updates to the HE560

Please note that the connectors for the detachable cable on the HE560 have been upgraded to 2.5mm mini plugs. Outside of this quality of use change, no other changes have been made to this product.

HIFIMAN is all about continuous improvement and we have two updates to our popular HE560 we want 

you to know about. 

One is we have switched from the screw-on connectors to popular plug-in connectors. Sonically 

identical, the new connectors are simpler to use and make replacing cables easier too. 

The other is the display box. The wooden box we have used since the 560s inception was prone to 

shipping damage. So we have switched to a simulated grain leather as shown in the attached photo. 

Both the connector and display changes were based on feedback HIFIMAN has received from our 


2015-11-27 19:11:10
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